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Routine Maintenance to Prevent Problems

Few homeowners and business owners think about their HVAC systems until a problem occurs. Unfortunately, breakdowns and failures happen, especially when individuals neglect HVAC maintenance and HVAC system inspections. Avoid costly issues when you have the team from Innovative Comfort Solutions, LLC in Manchester, Maryland, provide the preventive services needed to keep your system up and running. Don't forget to take advantage of our replacements, installations, and repairs to save money each month.

Schedule an AC Service This Spring

Spring cleaning is a part of every homeowner's or business owner's to-do list. Some chores go ignored, including spring HVAC maintenance, and when ignored, major problems are more likely to occur. Avoid problems when you schedule a spring inspection, which includes:

Check of System Pressure & Operations
Check of Wiring & Connections
Check of Voltage & Amperage for All Motors
Check Refrigerant Levels
Check of Starting Contactors
Check for Visible Signs of Leakage
Check & Clean Condenser Coils
Check Belts & Adjust Tension (If Needed)
Check Pressure Switch Cutout Settings

• Check Condensation Drain (Open)
Check Reversing Valve
Check Electrical Lockout Circuits
Check Capacitors
Check Blower Wheel for Balance
Check Temperature Drop across Evaporator Coil
Check for Excessive Vibration & Noise
Check Condenser Fan Blade Balance
Check & Turn Exposed Dampers to Cool (If Needed)

Prepare for Winter

The winter season is right around the corner and Manchester is known for its below-freezing low temperatures. Without proper maintenance, your heating system could fail on one of those bitter cold days. You don't want your home or business to feel like the arctic. Prevent issues by scheduling routine fall HVAC maintenance.

We'll inspect your systems from top to bottom to ensure every component is in optimal working condition. HVAC system inspections include:

• Check & Adjust Thermostat
• Check & Adjust Safety Controls
• Check for Loose Wires
• Check & Turn Exposed Dampers to Heat (If Needed)
• Check & Clean Burners
• Check & Inspect Heat Exchangers
• Check Flue Pipe
• Clean & Adjust Pilot Assembly
• Check Crankcase Heater
• Check & Adjust Burner for Efficiency
• Check Drains
• Check & Oil Motors (If Needed)

• Check & Adjust Pressure Regulator
• Check for Gas Leaks
• Check Thermocouple & Replace (As Needed)
• Check Reversing Valve (Heat Pump Only)
• Check & Clean the Igniter & Electrodes
• Check Temperature Rise of Unit
• Check Voltage & Amperage of Motors
• Check & Tighten Wiring & Connections
• Check Excessive Vibration & Noise
• Check Combustion
• Check & Inspect Draft Fan & Motor
• Check & Inspect Blower Wheel for Balance & Correct As Needed

Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Sign an annual preventative maintenance contract to keep your comfort system running smoothly year after year. When you sign up, you will immediately qualify for 15% off of all parts and labor for any service that may be needed, as well as priority scheduling for service.